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Permanent Jewelry Classes

The Only Conference Dedicated to Permanent Jewelry Learning! 

Your PJX experience includes high quality educational courses in 6 different classrooms taught by leaders around the country. Here’s what you’ll learn: 

  • Chain 101: Everything you need to know about size, style, metal, gauge, and more
  • How to choose suppliers that will put you first 
  • How to sell permanent jewelry 
  • The art of the upsell: How to turn a $35 bracelet into a $90 bracelet 
  • How to market your permanent jewelry on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok 
  • Google Ads marketing primer: How to get started 
  • Pricing strategies that help you sell more 
  • Troubleshooting: Why won’t this weld? 
  • Creating the perfect customer experience 
  • How to keep your customers safe 
  • The pop-up world: Everything you need to know 
  • Mobile vs studio: Which is right for you 
  • When to scale your business and how 
  • Photography tips for permanent jewelry 
  • Inventory strategies that will save you thousands of dollars 
  • The latest in permanent jewelry fashion 
  • Point of sale solutions for permanent jewelry artists 
  • How to setup your social media and website 
  • Permanent Jewelry 101: The introductory course for newbies 
  • How to compete, win, and feel good about it 
  • Branding: How to differentiate yourself from the competition 
  • Everything you need to know about electrodes and argon 
  • What tools every permanent jewelry artist needs and why 
  • Beginners Track: From start to finish in 3 hours 
  • How to maximize your welder investment, from repairs to creation 
  • Metallurgy: How to master the weld to master the business 
  • How to close a chain the first time every time
  • And more!

Conference Schedule 

Complete descriptions, instructor bios, and detailed schedule coming soon. Already registered? Watch your in-box for all the tea!

Download Latest Conference Schedule

Tuesday, May 30h

  • 4:00 pm Registration and PJ Marketplace Open
  • 7:00 pm Opening Reception

Wednesday, May 31st

  • 8:00 am PJ Marketplace Opens
  • 9:00 am Classes Begin
  • 11:00 am Keynote Speaker
  • Noon Lunch
  • 1:00 pm Classes Resume
  • 6:00 pm Let's Dance!

Thursday, June 1st

  • 8:00 am PJ Marketplace Opens
  • 9:00 am Classes Begin
  • Noon Lunch
  • 1:00 pm Classes Resume
  • 3:00 pm Farewell Snacks and Marketplace Blitz

Note: Because we like to think outside the box, the schedule is subject to change, except for the start time and end time—that's pretty much locked in stone. Come learn with us!

Keynote Speaker: Codie Sanchez 

Followed by more than three million, Codie Sanchez will keynote PJX and help you see a vision of what your permanent jewelry business can become. As a woman, a minority business owner, and entrepreneur, Codie's story is motivation, a lightning rod among entrepreneur mentors and influencers, drawing people to her simple message that bread-and-butter side can become a significant source of income for any family. You'll fall in love with Codie for her energy and how she connects people with their ambitions.

About PJX 

PJX is the only conference that brings permanent jewelry artists together and provides the education, networking, and vendor connections that will help your business succeed. If you come and gain just one nugget of information and inspiration, it could propel your business beyond expectations. Sunstone Welders is the chief PJX organizer. 

PJX was organized by permanent jewelry business owners or jewelry industry insiders. Topics and vendors were carefully chosen to maximize your educational and networking experience. Meet the PJX Advisory Committee: 

  • Shari Tammietti 
  • Danielle Watt 
  • Cat McDonald 
  • Angelique Frenlund 
  • Kristin Ramey 
  • Amy Dixon 
  • Paulene Everrett

The Permanent Jewelry Marketplace 

Key to your business's success is connecting with reliable, knowledgeable suppliers. At the Permanent Jewelry Marketplace you'll meet face to face with key vendors, create life-long relationships, and really get a feel for what can be done with your business. Suppliers of chain, findings, links, welders, tools, business services, training, and more will be on hand to help.



Don't see your favorite supplier on this list? Send a request to [email protected]!

Caesars Palace

PJX: A True Las Vegas Experience

PJX is hosted by Caesars Palace, Las Vegas’ most iconic, on-the-strip resort and casino. You’ll enjoy luxurious 5-star accommodations, concierge service, fancy bellhops, lively casino, internet access, pool access, gym access, and more! There’s no better way to experience Las Vegas. Reserve Your Room Now. 

Book within the Block! 

Attendees who book at Caesars Palace within the PJX room block will enjoy these VIP perks: 

  • Daily Room Raffle: Win a Free Night! 
  • Daily Prize Raffle 
  • Sponsor Discounts ONLY for Caesars Palace Guests
  • Gym Access 
  • PJX Pool Cabana Access 
  • Reserved Internet Access 

Kindly Note: When you book within the block you support the permanent jewelry community now and in the future. Please support the community by booking within the block  Reserve Your Room. 

Pool Party! The PJX cabana will be open nearly 24/7 for those that need to relax at the pool.

Notice: A previously advertised PJX nightly rate of $139 (plus taxes) is not guaranteed after May 3, 2023. Book within the Block! 

A Registration Fee Packed with Benefits!

Early Bird Registration Ends March 31, 2023!

Education, training, networking, learning, cocktail reception, and lots of food! 

Your registration includes: 

  • Access to all educational classes: Choose from 29 different classes! 
  • Entry to the PJ Marketplace: Connect with key suppliers! 
  • Official Certificate of Attendance: You'll receive an official certificate you can display with pride! 
  • Welcome cocktail reception for networking: Start PJX with cocktails, food, and fun! 
  • Delicious lunch buffet on Wednesday and Thursday: You’re guaranteed to gain a few pounds! 
  • PJX reserved pool cabana*: There’ll be fun in the sun at the PJX cabana! 
  • Awesome swag: Take home and show off your official PJX gear! 
  • Limited Edition Permanent Bracelet: Permanently attached when you arrive! 

*For Caesar’s Palace guests only. Book within the Block! 


  • Get the full package that PJX has to offer including perks like: Access to all educational classes, entry to the PJ Marketplace, a welcome cocktail reception for networking, lunch buffet x2, awesome swag, and a limited edition permanent jewelry bracelet!

  • Admission to the PJ Marketplace and swag. Perfect for significant others, friends, family, or partners. No educational courses or food included. Can not be purchased independent of a General Admission registration.

  • Admission to the PJ Marketplace, cocktail reception, and swag. Perfect for significant others, friends, family, or partners. No educational courses or lunches included. Can not be purchased independent of a General Admission registration.

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